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Jesus the Light of the World.

We have been learning about Jesus and how he is the Light of the World. We talked about faith and the good things that God gives to us. I thought that God gave me strength. ML


We created metaphors to show how we can compare God to every day items in our lives. We came up with lots of different ideas. (OW)


We created a piece of artwork linked to art and pastels to show where we thought Jesus  the Light of the World linked into to Christmas. (EFH)


Today we learned about a man called Terry Waite and how he needed his faith to bring him through very difficult time in captivity. You will see examples of our work below. Terry believed in his faith and needed to be strong. (ES)


After writing about Terry we completed a piece of artwork as Terry in captivity in a dark cell. To help us we wore blindfolds and turned out the lights. When we finished our drawings we then put some yellow on to show where Jesus the Light of the World had helped. (MT)


We listened to the story of Paddington Bear and linked to refugees coming from other countries. We tried to find where Paddington was guided by the light and where the Brown's were guided to help Paddington. (LS)


Here are some examples of the work we have been completing.

Samples of work.

Our experience of life like Terry Waite, living in a dark cell.