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In order to link our Year 6 Science into our School's Science week, the children were given the opportunity to apply what they had been learning about light in order to construct their own periscopes. The children were given their own materials and instructions and were then asked to work in small, independent groups to create and test their periscopes.

In D.T, the children spent a lesson creating their own Viking longships from recycled materials such as cardboard. The students were provided with a template for their longships (and stands to hold them), before they were asked to construct them independently. The finished ships were then painted and decorated. 

Our class book for this half term is The London Eye Mystery. We read part of the book daily either as a class or independently. The book revolves around a boy who seems to just vanish into thin air after taking a ride on the London Eye. It is up to the rest of the characters to figure out what happened. Here is some of our work.