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Spring 2 - Art

Before we began looking at our next artist - Paul Nash - we created our own colour wheel looking at hue. We showed on our colour wheels how hue means pure colour which is our primary colours and secondary colours. We created these in our books using either coloured pencils or chalk pastels. 

Spring 2 - Maths

We are starting to now look at perimeter and area in our maths work. We have started by looking at perimeter first and how perimeter is the distance around the outside edge of the shape. We work this out by adding all the sides together. 

Spring 2 - Art

After we had planned and designed our Islamic art in our books, we then put these on to our bags. These bags were going to be used as our Mother’s Day gifts. We drew the design onto the bag and then used fabric pens to add colour.


Below are some pictures of the process and some of us modelling our finished pieces.

Spring 2 - History

To look at how the Ancient Islamic Civilisation came to an end after a decline, we used different sources to highlight key dates and make notes to then write up in our book.

Spring 1 - English 

Relating to our The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe novel, we used the authors descriptive language to draw characters and other objects (gifts) that are described in the book. At first, we drew Mr Tumnus and then later on in the book we drew the gifts that Father Christmas gave to Lucy, Susan and Peter. 

Spring 1 - DT

After the preparation of our Shadufs before Christmas, we we’re finally able to complete our models. We used different materials to build our Shadufs, thinking about what would make it strong and secure as well as what we could use as a counter balance for our bucket which would collect the water. 

Below is some of us with our finished Shadufs

Spring 1 - Geography

Before starting our new Early Islamic Civilisation unit we looked at the area of Middle East, focusing on the country Iraq and its capital city - Baghdad. 

We looked at where this was using atlases and its surrounding areas. 

Spring 1 - History

To finish off our Ancient Egyptians unit, we looked closely at Tutankhamun's tomb and what evidence has been gathered from the tomb by using different sources. We independently looked at each source and wrote about it.