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Autumn 2 - Art

For our Art this term, we focused on the skill of printing. We linked this with our Ancient Egyptian topic looking at hieroglyphics and different symbols the Ancient Egyptians used. We then chose what design we would like to do and independently practised the drawing of this in our books before then putting our design onto our polystyrene tile to then print. 

Autumn 2 - History

In our Ancient Egyptians unit, we independently researched the different Kingdoms within their time period. We discussed how these were split into dynasties and kingdoms and there were different pharaohs in those time periods. 

The children chose which pharaohs they wanted to look for and how long they ruled for.  

Autumn 1 - PSHE

After we had looked at the rules we follow in school, we then started looking at rights and responsibilities. We looked at what the difference was between the two of them. After we understood the difference, we then sorted through examples and sorted them into either a right or responsibility independently into our books. 

We noticed that the right and responsibility paired up to each other.