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Summer 2 - DT

During the preparation of our Ancient Greek feast, we had the chance to develop our personal skills by independently using knives to cut vegetables into fine chunks. We also measured and mixed ingredients to make bread by ourselves. Making the hummus was easier than we thought and we made it super tasty. 

Summer 2 - Science

Summer 2 - PE athletics

In this session, we learned the success tips for completing our best long jump. We found out about bending our knees and swinging our arms. These little tips helped us to go away in our coaching partner groups to perform, compete and beat our personal best and against our partner. 

Summer 1 - Cricket

After 5 weeks of coaching, Y4 were able to independently set up a small game of cricket which involved all players having a role and practising their bowling, catching and batting skills. 

Summer 1 - Geography

After our group work outside on 4 figure grid references we applied our knowledge to reading 6 figure grid references on a map of our local area. 

Summer 1 - History

To begin our learning on Ancient Greece, we played the role of a detective. We were given various different photos of pots from the ancient days and we had to use our observation skills to spot clues about how the Ancient Greeks lived their life, what they did for hobbies and jobs and what they wore. 

Spring 2 - DT

This sequence of lessons saw us incorporate a lever and linkage into an Easter card design. Our linkage held a stone which rolled away from the tomb. 

Autumn 2 - Art

This week, we researched Antony Gormley. We decided which information to use in our presentation and which photos to use. We now know about the work of Antony Gormley. 

Autumn 2 - Art

We demonstrated our understanding of perspective and scale by recreating our own Lowry painting. We pencil drew it out and then used water colours to create shade and used oil pastels to pick out features such as matchstick people. 

Autumn 1 - Science

This week we learnt all about rocks. 
There are three types of rocks that we know: metamorphic, igneous and sedimentary. 

in the lesson, we were given different samples of rocks. We had to identify the rock based upon its properties. Once we knew which rock type it was, we then investigated the most durable and most permeable. We recorded our findings and judged if our hypothesis were correct. 

Autumn 1 - Science

Mrs Hall asked us whether we thought the materials were conductors or insulators. We wrote our thoughts into a table and then Mrs Hall made us explore our predictions. All of the equipment was out for us to choose from. We found that we could make a circuit using a 10p. We all then realised that the 10p was a conductor. Our prediction about the 10p was not correct. 

Autumn 1 - Geography

This week we explored atlases and maps to identify French speaking countries across the world. We labelled all of the oceans and matched flags to the correct country. We worked in coaching pairs and then researched the country's currency, climate and population. 

Autumn 1 - Science

We explored how shadows can change size. We made puppets with card and used our hands. We moved the puppets closer and further from the light source. We used a torch. We found out when the puppet was a long way from the light source that the shadow was small. When the puppet was close to the light source the shadow was very big.