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We have been developing our knowledge on Remembrance Day and free verse poetry. 

We have used a range of poetic features in our own poems based around WW1 and Armistice Day. The features include onomatopoeia, metaphors and personification.

Please have a read. 

We have been building our knowledge on the symbolism of Advent, the Christingle and who is important in the nativity story. Year 6 have been understanding how different denominations, particularly Mary within the Catholic Church, celebrate Christmas. 


During this half term year 6 are looking at the season of advent, we have studied the symbolism of the advent wreath and the christingle. Here is an example of other objects we have used to create an imaginary Christingle that has the same symbolism. 

In R.E we have been discussing how life is like a journey. We have drawn our own life road map and compared it to biblical characters. Some children noticed a connection between the character they studied and themselves. We will continue to talk about pilgrimage and how a persons journey can start at any time.