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Autumn Term- FOOTBALL

Over the next few weeks we will be developing our dribbling skills ready for our virtual competition.
WC 9.11.20
Today we set up the drills and had the opportunity to practise our dribbling. Some of us managed to get onto Level 6. We tried to keep the ball close to our feet so that we could keep it under control.
To start the next activity we all had our own ball then we had to dribble the ball around whilst other people tried to tackle us. If they were successful and kicked our ball away we were eliminated. We played this game as a whole class and then split up into smaller groups.
Autumn Term - HISTORY

This term we have been learning about WWII.

We have written letters to our families, writing as a child who has been evacuated.

Autumn term - DT
In DT we have looked at different African instruments including a kalimba. We designed our own kalimba using annotated diagrams and created design criteria. 
This week, we have been selecting the best materials to make them.