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We sorted the cars into old cars and new cars using the words 'past' and 'present' independently.
'We talked about whether they were old from a long time ago or new' - Holly
The children learnt a song independently and then performed in a group for the class.
First we learnt a song about the continents. Then we explored the maps and found the continents. We then wrote the continents onto our own map and located France and Canada.
We looked at a map of Canada and located Niagara falls. We then looked to see if we could spot any human and physical features.
We sorted the cards into human and physical features.
Science- Seasons - Autumn
We went on a walk to look for signs of Autumn using the clipboard to write down what we saw.



We applied colour with a variety of paint brushes using the vocabulary broad, fine and pointed.

We mixed primary and secondary colours together to get secondary colours.



We drew and then painted our vehicles.


We drew a plan of our vehicle to make tomorrow.



We used the mirrors draw a self portrait.

DT- Christmas cards


We evaluated existing Christmas cards.


We created our own Stickman structures using sticks, straws, masking tape and wool.

Science- Materials


We explored the classroom looking at objects and talking about what the materials are made from.