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Martha independently created a whole selection of colours using watercolour paints. Else painted a turtle, colour mixing the paints. The children are much more independent now when finding resources and carrying choice tasks in the provision.

Handling a basketball

Fantastic work bouncing the ball and also shooting into the net!

Great job watering the flowers Thomas and looking after the Easter garden!

Making a basket

Lily decided to make her own basket to put things into and managed to create this independently using paper, scissors, glue and sellotape. She was so proud of her achievement!

Painting with daffodils

Abigail colour mixed to make green and then printed with daffodils. She then decided to use them in her picture.

Putting on wetsuits and helping each other


We have been learning how to use the Beebots independently and also helping each other to use these.

Water Play

The children realized that the water was being wasted when poured down the ramp and so independently searched for ways to collect the water and re-use it. They found different size containers to collect it.