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We started our geography sessions by looking at a world map and locating:

  • Lines of latitude and longitude
  • Northern and Southern Hemisphere
  • Arctic and Antarctic Circle
  • The Equator
  • The Tropic of Cancer
  • The Tropic of Capricorn
  • Greenwich Meridian.


We used the Greenwich Meridian to look at the concept of time and look at time zones.


We then zoomed in on a map to look at maps with a scale of 1:25000. We identified some common symbols on Ordnance Survey maps and identified where different zoos were by giving their six figure grid reference.


Next we used a map of Blackpool Zoo to give directions using cardinal and inter-cardinal points. Some of us were even able to use secondary inter-cardinal points.


Finally, we learnt about the different biomes. We located them on a map and used this to work out what the climate is like in each biome. We then compared the different adaptations that plants and animals have to help them live in their biome.