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Gender Stereotyping

Over the last few days the children have been developing their understanding of the term 'gender stereotyping'. We began by discussing and questioning their understanding of the term 'gender stereotyping'. The children began to watch and analysis advertisements based upon toys that the children may want for their birthdays and Christmas. The children debated why some toys were particularly aimed at boys and girls. Through their discussions and debates they concluded that all toys were accessible for either gender. Their research also found that some stores had been critised for promoting chemistry sets as a toy suitable for boys. Their research also led them to conclude that girls also like and enjoy chemistry. 


We then read the book 'Prince Cinders' a take on the traditional fairy tale 'Cinderella'. From this the children created their own fairy tale changing the characters and outcome. From this we played a game based on jobs and who should carry out that role. This was an interesting time as a number of children felt that certain occupations were only suitable for certain genders until they held discussions in groups and carried out their research. They then created a job description for a specific role, which was suitable for either gender to undertake.


To conclude the children then created their own feedback in the form of a visitor to earth and the types of jobs available for them to undertake.


We hope you enjoy our work.

Here are some examples of our work.