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GB Athlete Visit

This half term, the whole of St Peter's were lucky enough to have a special visit from a GB athlete! 


Naomi Ogbeta is only 19 years old and she represents Great Britain in triple jumper. She currently hold's the under 21 and under 23 record for the triple jump and also won bronze in the most recent youth championships. 


Naomi can jump longer than 13 metres!!! That is longer than our school hall!!


She talked to us all about her life. She talked about what foods she is allowed to eat and what foods she shouldn't eat. She showed us pictures and videos of her training and her competitions and told us how much she trains. She trains everyday after a full day at university. 


Naomi also told us about her recent injury. She pulled a muscle in one of her competitions because she didn't warm up or stretch properly. She could not compete or train for a while but she did not give up and she is now aiming to represent team GB in the Olympics. 


After Naomi's very interesting assembly, classes from Reception to Year 6 got the opportunity to take part in a sponsored circuit. 


The circuit was like some of the training that Naomi did to keep her fitness up. 


It was lots of fun and got all our hearts beating fast!

We all had a great afternoon and loved our visit from Naomi.


Some of us were very lucky and received gifts from her. Because we raised a certain amount of money we got the chance to gain these prizes.