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In french we have been learning about different animals. We first learnt many french words for different zoo animals and recapped colours in french too. We were surprised to find out that some animals have a similar sounding name in french.

We then progressed to creating sentences about animals of our choice.

For example:

Jai vu un jaguar (I saw a jaguar).

Je suis alle au zoo et je vu un bison (I went to the zoo and i saw a bison).


We progressed further by adding adjectives to our sentences. We learnt that most adjectives are placed after the noun in a sentence.

For example:

C'est une baleine bleu (It's a blue whale).

C'est un ours polaire blanc (It's a white polar bear).


Some adjectives do not follow this rule and are placed before the noun - like in English.

For example:

C'est un grande ours brun (It's a big brown bear).

C'est un petit renne (It's a small reindeer).


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We have rewritten the popular children's book 'Dear Zoo'in French. At the beginning it was quite tricky however because of the repetitive nature nature of the story it became easier as we wrote more.
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