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Forces and Magnets

To start off our topic all about Forces and Magnets we talked all about the push and pull force. 

Some of our push examples were:

  • Push someone on a swing
  • Push a door open
  • Push your chair in when you stand behind it


Some of pull examples were:

  • Pull your tray out to open it
  • Pull someones hair
  • Pull a pen lid off

We could explain that a push force is away from you and a pull force is towards you. 



We used the push force to look at whether the surface of something effects the distance the ball travels. 

We made sure our test was fair!


Still image for this video
Here is a video showing the ball rolling on the surface of grass.

Then we looked at magnets. 

We knew what magnets were because we see them around the house all the time. But we have learnt lots of new vocabulary to help us understand what magnets are.

Things like:

  • Attract
  • Repel
  • North Pole (not the one that Santa lives at)
  • South Pole


We had chance to investigate what things around the classroom were magnetic and which weren't.  

We then asked some questions - not just any question! A question that we could then find out and experiment to answer it.


Our questions were:

  • Do magnets still work in water?
  • Are some magnets stronger than others?
  • How far close do the magnets need to be for them to attract?
  • How many paper clips will a magnet pick up?
  • How many split pins will a magnet pick up?


Look at the pictures and videos to see our answers!


Still image for this video

Split Pins

Still image for this video

Magnet Strength

Still image for this video

All our fabulous work.