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February 2019

This term we are starting to introduce money. The children enjoyed role-playing in the shop. They have been taking it in turns to buy different items and go to the till using the money to buy the fruit and vegetables. We have taken on different roles in the shop, being the customer, cashier and store manager, labelling the foods with the correct amounts, writing numerals on the tickets.

The children had fun exploring the snow making snow angels and measuring their feet while outside. We enjoyed observing the natural world and talking about different seasons and how the snow made us feel.

We have been looking at winter and the animals who live and hibernate in cold conditions, we have been exploring these ideas through small world role play, crafts, construction and sensory experiences with ice. We have created ice castles and crowns like the snow queen.

We have enjoyed reading together in guided reading groups and with older peers, we discussed the title of the book, the front and back covers, the children were able to read words and simple sentences, sounding out unfamiliar words blending them together.

During PE the children have worked in teams to practice their new skills. Including under arm throw, jumping, balancing and moving around to avoid obstacles. The children enjoyed an interactive games, each team enjoyed the new challenges and showed great listening skills through the session, adapting their strategy as needed.