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Extra Choices Homework

Look at some of our work from home. 


We have used some of the choices from the sheet and some ideas we've generated ourselves. We've chosen activities which we feel show off our talents and we've followed our interests to deepen our knowledge of aspects of World War Two. 

Lucia made an underground shelter
I deepened my understanding about life of children
Building this increased my confidence - Grace
Building this increased my independence - Alex
I know an air raid shelter was very small - Angela
Lego helps me to express myself
This deepened my knowledge of DT - Freya
I learnt to deepen my curiosity about WW2 -Charlie
This increased my knowledge about food - Fazil
I deepened my knowledge of Anne Frank - Owais
I developed my understanding of structures
I enjoy cooking - Freya
I improved my knowledge of Anne Frank - Natalia
It enhanced my knowledge of Black Outs - Raeef
This made me feel more confident - Rachael
I researched WW2 foods - Cason
I enjoy typing and researching - Miles
I enjoyed working with my mum - Finlay
I worked with my brother, as a team - Zack
I worked with my mum on the painting - Oliver
I used my independence to do these - Benjamin
I found this in my cellar - Lucia
I increased my independence - Rachel
I increased my knowledge of WW2 vehicles -Jonathan
I increased my knowledge of WW2 planes - Anna
I chose to do this myself - Kashvi
I visited Anne Frank's House in Amsterdam - Lila
I learnt about Anne Frank independently - Danikah
I was enthused by Anne Frank's story - Nishka
I like how we get lots of choice - Lucy
Aaliah made a replica gas mask
Finlay visited a museum
Finlay visited a museum
Fazil baked rock buns at home
Finlay baked shortbread at home

Some of us made paper gas masks