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We built a rainforest biome to see the conditions needed for certain plants to grow. 

'I really enjoyed putting the biome together and planting the seeds. I am looking forward to seeing how they grow.' Alex


We are going to build our own biomes in groups over the next few weeks.

Today we explored maps of the Cuerden Valley area. We found out what the different symbols meant using 'Digimaps'. We discussed the difference between a photo and a map and had a go at drawing our own maps with keys. 

'PC means public cubicle' Charlie 

The telephone box symbol was interesting. 'Why can't you just use a mobile phone? Owais

The children didn't know how I survived without a mobile phone when I was young! We had a super discussion about how things have changed.

Some children had spotted symbols when out and about in the environment.

Learning about the water cycle in real life situations.

We discussed the roles that evaporation, condensation and precipitation play in the water cycle.  In pairs we then planted cress seeds into plastic cups so we can observe each stage of the water cycle as it happens. These are some of the thoughts the children had :- 

"The condensation will water the cress so we don't need to". Charlie

"The cup will go steamy like my bathroom does". Oliver