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English with Enrichment

Over the last few weeks we have been learning to lead and coach our friends through comprehension in class.


Coaching means to help your buddy to get the right answer without telling them. Use words and questions within the range our buddy knows. (NC)


Peer Coaching

It supports the person who is getting coached. It's good for coaches to explain. Its good to get help from another kid so they understand. (CB)


Being Coached.

Its nice having a buddy to test me because they question me to get the right answer. (AM)

Here are some photographs of our coaching in operation.

The Great Kapok Tree

The children have been studying the above book and have been looking at dilemmas. Here are a few of their thoughts and views.



The dilemma the man had was selfishness and not thinking of others and not thinking before doing something. he wasn't thinking about the future like there would be no trees in our world ans his children would not be able to hear or see the wildness of the rainforest. Danikah.


The great Kapok Tree is a story all about the rainforest we have been acting out this story as characters. The man had to consider the views of the animals who rely upon the tree to survive. Lila.


The dilemma in the story was cutting down the Great Kapok Tree. It shows how much oxygen we have, we would have less oxygen if we continue to cut down the trees. Kashvi.


Today we did some acting and I was a snake I went to the man and said "Leave this tree alone because my ancestors have lived in this tree for generations and where will I live if you cut down my tree?" Benjamin.


The issue for the man was selfish or selfless for the animals. He cuts down the tree or walks away. he should be selfless and think of all the animals and the wider world.  Charlie.

Here are some photographs of our acting and practical learning.

Today we continued to study the book 'The Great Kapok tree'. We wrote about the dilemma faced by the man with the axe and all the animals who live in the rainforests. Some of our stories were read by the children who had written them and they were filmed. We hope you enjoy our stories? (RR) Can you spot the dilemma in the story?