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We started this term by looking at the story 'Supertato' in our English lessons. The children found this story very exciting, especially when Evil Pea caused lots of trouble for all of the other veggies. When exploring this text the children where able to create their own predictions of what would happen next. They have also learned what a noun and an adjective is, this led the children to unleash their creative talents to create their own Supertato villain.

Now we have finished exploring 'Supertato' we have moved on to exploring our new topic about a Superhero toy - Traction Man. The children have loved seeing how the smallest house hold objects can be a danger to Traction Man. This text has allowed the children to learn how to use speech marks, how to use commas in a list and it has provided opportunities for the children to reinforce their understandings of conjunctions such as: and, if, but, when and because.