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Author Visit

We had Ralph Timberlake (from the British Interplanetary Society) come to class and talk to us about his experiences. 


"Having Ralph visit was really good because we didn't just read facts from the internet, we could ask him questions and he answered. He has lots of experiences and that helped me to learn so much about space and I went on to do lots more research for my homework project." - Suvarna

Making our way through the maps

We used Ordanance Survey maps to find areas around Fulwood. We had to look for symbols that identified places such as parks, rivers, roads and schools. 


"Before today I didn't even know how to read a map. Now I know how to follow roads. I know what the key means and I could find houses and routes to different places." - Reece

Early Baghdad

We independently researched and looked at the early civilisation of Islam and it's impact on our lives today. 

Experimenting with Sound

In Year 5 we explored sound. We researched how sounds were made and as humans, how we are able to use our ears to hear the sounds and vibrations. We then, in groups, researched and investigated a question that we generated and produced some results.