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Autumn 2 - PE

After weeks of working in small groups, pairs and whole class, we were able to perform our dance showing the Ancient Egyptian lifestyle. Sections of our dance shows servants and pharaohs as well as creating shapes to represent hieroglyphics and symbols. 

This is our final performance. 

Year 5 Final Performance

Autumn 2 - English 

As we develop our writing in our Stories from Other Cultures unit, we are focusing a lot on complex sentences. We started this by looking at complex sentences that use a subordinate clause. We listed the different subordinating conjunctions we can use when creating these. We started of with a simple sentence (main clause) and then adding a subordinate clause with it. We dived deeper into this by showing how the clauses can be moved round but they still make sense but making sure we remember the correct punctuation. 

Autumn 2 - Music

We have now started learning how to play our class instrument - the recorder. We have started practising how to hold the recorder correctly and finger placement when playing different notes. We have started to learnt he first few notes of our song - Dipidu. 

Autumn 2 - History

For our Ancient Egyptians topic, we looked at how they communicated and how we have been able to use this to learn from them all those years ago. We investigated what hieroglyphics were and the different meanings of the symbols and also looked at the alphabet. 

We know how the Egyptians used to use papyrus as their paper as this was from a plant and it was easy to get hold of. 

We had a go at writing our name in hieroglyphics on our own papyrus paper.  

Autumn 1 - Science

For our Science unit, we are looking at forces and what effects forces working. We started by looking at what gravity was and how we see gravity. To deepen our knowledge, we looked at how to use a Force Meter. We looked at the scales that were on these - one being grams which we have used in our Maths lessons before but also Newtons (N). As a class, we talked about this being named after Sir Isaac Newton - the scientist who discovered gravity. Because we knew what grams were, we knew that the weight of an object would be measured using a Force Meter but also the force of an object.