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Making repeating patterns using natural materials

Seasides in the Past

Hope loved watching Punch and Judy shows. She also looked at photos of bathing machines in non-fiction books and the interactive whiteboard. She also talked about how the clothes looked different.

Making boats and testing how many marbles it would hold

The children used foil to make a boat and then counted how many marbles it could hold. Some children made boats which would hold more than 100 marbles!

My route to school

Growing a Beanstalk

After reading Jack and the Beanstalk we watched to see how a bean changes after adding water and light. We tried beans indifferent places too(the children had lots of their own ideas). Aanu wrote about this one.

Writing thankyou prayers

During Lent the children wrote thankyou prayers.

Life Cycle of a frog

We have been looking after tadpoles and learning about the life cycle of a frog and so the children made posters to let everyone know to look after the tank!

Exploring ways to make 5

Fantastic thinking Pippa! Lots of different ways to make 5!

Letters to Father Christmas

2D and 3D Shapes

The children have been creating patterns and pictures using 2D shapes and are naming an describing these. Emmie used triangles to make triangle based pyramids! 
The children used their phonics to write letters to Father Christmas. Fantastic independent writing!


The children had their own idea to make crosses for Remembrance and add them to the tree. They also said a cross is a sign of God.

Creating Games

Pippa created a Hopscotch for other children to play.