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Boxercise Video


"We worked together to deepen our knowledge of core muscles and stretches. We used this knowledge to create a sequence in groups of 2 or 3. I know lots of different boxercise moves including front kicks and side kicks, I also know how the muscles and tendons move parts of your body and the effects of physical activity on my body."

- Charlotte


See our video on the video resources section of the website using the link below...

Visit to Liverpool World Museum

"We had a wonderful time at Liverpool World Museum. It was so amazing to see actual objects from Ancient Egypt. It really brings it to life. You can see all of the ways that they used to live in that time. I have learnt so much today and I wouldn't be able to do that from a book. Do you know they didn't mummify everyone!" 

- Cason 

Pin hole camera

“We found out that Ibn Al Haytham invented the first sort of camera. It was called a pin hole camera. I didn’t know this before. We made one too so we knew how it worked.”

- Solomon

Pre-assessment Vocabulary in History

"It really helps me to learn all of the vocabulary for a topic because my teacher helps me to understand these words throughout the term. When the vocabulary appears in a question or text, I can understand what it's trying to tell me and I can either answer it or read on without any difficulties. Knowing these words really helps me to understand the concepts I am learning about." 

- Danikah