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"It was quite tricky to find info about the topic because there wasn't much to go on and I had to infer from the facts I already had. I enjoyed it because it was something I had to think about and understand and it was completely new to me."


The children whose work you see had to really look in-depth in order to complete their work. You will see their efforts absolutely paid off!

Examples of children's in-depth work.

The Children were given 'mini medics' training to help understand and be able to help someone in a situation. The children practiced CPR on dummies, learnt how to put someone in the recovery position and the steps of what to do if someone is choking or has collapsed. The numbers of who to call in certain situations (112 or 999). The children understood how important it was to listen and understand exactly what to do. As a follow up the children created posters about what they know.  
The children were involved in a whole school themed French Day. The children learned what countries are nieghbours to France and what amazing things France has to offer if you go on holiday. 

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