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This week in maths we have been looking at the role of a carpet fitter and how important it is to understand how to work out the area of a room. (EG)


We already know about perimeter being the measurement around the outside edge. Today we learnt about the measurement of the inside of a shape. (MT)


We had four equal pieces of paper and we needed to create different floor spaces using the squares. We then had to discuss the area and begin to work it out. (LS)

Here are examples of the room shapes we designed.

We used mirrors to look into our mouths.  


We found our molars, incisors and canines and did some work to find out what each kind of tooth was used for.

In maths this week we have been learning about area. We found out that area was important especially if you were a carpet fitter. We already understood the perimeter of a shape. (LH)


We had to investigate using four identical shapes and create different spaces, like we have in our homes. (EG)


After that we then had to create as many different floor spaces that had the same area. (MT)