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UK vs North America

This helped me to understand what was happening across the world in greater depth and also consider why it might be happening.


We have spent this half term learning how to fence. We are becoming more competent each week. We have learnt how to attack our opponent and defend our self from their attack too. 

Blitz inspired music

I learnt that you don't have to just bang a drum to make a noise, you can rub it, or tap it to a rhythm. It all depends on what mood you want to create. I learnt how to use a few notes to compose a melody which made me feel really confident and next time I get out a glockenspiel, I'll be able to create melodies straight away. I also know some new vocabulary from this work; piano this means quiet and forte which means loud. I really enjoyed learning about melodies to fit The Blitz because we had freedom to create our own ideas rather than being told what to do. 

- Grace 

Hockey - The 'Block'

In hockey lessons we have learnt specific skills to help us be successful players. Today, we learnt about the block tackle. This is great to use in a game situation because you can stop the other team from scoring by intercepting with the length of your stick. 

- Finlay 

World War Two Artefacts

We borrowed some resources from the Lancashire Libraries to enhance our learning. We had time to think about the items and what they were and how they might be used. This deepened our understanding of the facts we were learning in history. 

Paul Nash inspired art work

I really enjoyed learning about Paul Nash because I think he was a very talented painter. I had researched World War Two painters and found some results on Google for him. I still learnt more in the lesson too. I now know that he doesn't use bold, bright colours, he mixes in blacks, greys and other dark colours to make his paintings appear not so happy. War isn't happy so he wanted to get that across in his paintings. I am quite good at using water colours but this sessions gave me time to practice and helped me to develop my skills of mixing watercolours.

- Nishka

Air Raid Warden workshop

I found the afternoon very exciting because we learnt about World War Two in a fun way. We found out about all of the different sounds of air raid sirens. I already knew there were procedures to follow if you heard an air raid siren, but I didn't know what they were. Ellie taught us a song with actions to help us remember what to do to keep safe - 'Gas mask in left hand, straps in the right, breathe in, chin up, gas mask over face, snap to tighten and breathe out, collar up, get to shelter!'. I enjoyed identifying the various air crafts by their wings, amount of engines and sounds they made, this was all new knowledge for me. I could name them and tell you if they were fighters or bombers. I could also tell you if they were English planes or enemy planes.

- Lucy