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The children have been exploring similarities and differences between the Seaside now and the seaside in the past at different time periods. We have been looking at how Blackpool has changed throughout history. The children were lucky enough to see this in real life when we went on our Sealife Centre trip. It was great to see how excited the children were to see features such as; the Blackpool Tower, the pier, the ferris wheel, arcades and fish and chips shops that we had been discussing in class. 
The children have been exploring maps to locate names of; countries, capital cities and the surrounding seas. The children then progressed on to learning what physical and human features are, and how we can identify them on a map.
The children identified these features on aerial photos and predicted what they would see on a map. They then used aerial photos to create maps of their own. 
The children have been beginning to understand how to appraise music. The children listened to an orchestra perform 'Sailing By', by Ronald Binge. The children weer thinking about; how it made them feel, what it made them think of and if they liked it or not. Some children were also working hard to try and identify any instruments they could hear. 
We had a visitor from the NSPCC who came to give us a talk about speaking out and staying safe. He talked to the children about the rights the children have and what they should do if they feel like they are not given those rights. The children really engaged with this, as we continued this discussion back in class to link with our PSHE work.