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We read a book about the history of cars. We looked at some images of old cars and new cars. We talked about what we noticed.
We looked at the pictures of the different kinds of transport. We then talked about what they were and which the children thought were the oldest and newest. We then put them in a time line.

Physical and human features - Geoography


We went for a walk around the school grounds to look for human and physical features. We noted them down on our clipboards and labelled our pictures. We then put them under the correct heading in our Geography books.

We used our field work from yesterday to put the human and physical features under the correct heading.
Exploring the digimap
We explored the digimap. We looked to see if we could find our school, the river and the hospital.
We labelled our maps.

Maps- Geography

We drew a map of all the features we pass on the way to school.