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Historical changes in living memory


As part of our history, Mrs Caffrey and Mr Simpson came in to talk to us about what school was like when they taught here. Mrs Caffrey and Mr Simpson brought in some photographs and also the first registers. We asked them lots of questions about what school was like then.
The girls brought in a picture of their parents when they came to this school.
We made a spider diagram of facts from when Mrs Caffrey and Mr Simpson taught here and what school is like now.



We talked about how everyday appliances use electricity and how mains electricity is dangerous.

We went out in the school grounds to find some plants that grow in our environment. We took pictures on the i pad and then researched what they were called on the i pads.
We explored pushes and pulls as examples of forces in the classroom.
We found out what happened to the car on the ramp using different materials.
We used the i pads, maps and globes to help us locate the countries and capital cities on our maps.
Researching a local famous person
We used the i pads to research the famous person of our choice. We wrote down some notes. we the created a fact page about the famous person.