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David and the Psalms

This topic has allowed the children to develop skills linked into our curriculum intent. We have used the outdoor provision to look at God's world and look for images that we would like to write our own Psalm about. We have developed skills further through independent research based on personal Golaith's people may have and held discussions how best to over come. We have developed confidence and self belief in giving our opinions and our creation of artwork to support a Psalm in the 21st Century. We all independently wrote our own Psalm, which was then published by our teacher into a hard book. We have this on our display in our classroom. 

Throughout this unit the children will develop and understanding of who David is and what inspired him to write Psalms. They will learn where and how to find the Psalms within the Bible. They will read and analyse the meaning of the Psalms and the teaching and messages from the Psalms that we live by and take comfort for.


Prior to the end of the unit the children, whilst listening to harp music,will write their own Psalms. It is hoped to have these published and displayed within the classroom. Some will also be placed on the website.

Using the outdoor environment to look for images that would inspire them to create a Pslam.

We used imagery to compose a Psalm in the style of David.

A few examples of our class Psalms.

Today the children have compared different Psalms and discussed the images that may support certain elements of each Psalm. They have used their investigative skills to research different artists and then create an image fit for the purpose of the particular chosen Psalm. The children then evaluated what they had researched and compiled. 

These are the images created based on the research of artists and Psalm.

Today we have been researching key people who have overcome their goliath. We then used our research to present our findings.

Our understanding of overcoming our goliath.