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Confidence & Self-belief

In year 5 we celebrate our class achievements and our successes outside of school. We feel able to bring in things to class and show our friends. We can also display these on our WOW board in the classroom. We have medals on it and photos, trophies and certificates. We know that we are fabulous in our own way. 

Inflatable sports

Inflatable sports 1
Inflatable sports 2

As well as our traditional sports day, we had an inflatable sports event. This was great for challenging ourselves and pushing us to our limits. We had races in teams to see who could get through the course the quickest. you had to be really brave to jump down the dinosaur slide! 


"This was a great day for me event though I don't usually like sports. This was fun and I got to try and beat my time on each go I had." - Dani

In Year 5 we always do a lot of sports and physical activity. We learn different styles of dances, throwing skills, catching skills, how to play tactical games and we've done a lot of gymnastics because we really enjoy that. This is really good for developing confidence in yourself. Exercise is great for a healthy mind too and gives you lots of 'feel good' emotions. 


"I love doing exercise. We do loads. If you feel a bit down, have a run around and you'll feel lots better. You might not think you can jump this high, or throw a ball that far, but have a go and I bet you can." - Faye

RE research to the class


We did some research on women from the Old Testament. We had to complete the research on our own and then present our findings to the rest of the class. Click on the video resources below to see some of our presentations. 


"I was really nervous to do this. When I finished, it wasn't that bad. I just needed to remember to focus on what I was doing and not worry about the people watching me. I feel a lot more confident now I have done it, I would definitely do it again." - Mary

Learning about music through French

Learning about music through French 1 Generating French vocabulary
Learning about music through French 2 Writing some grammatically correct sentences
Learning about music through French 3 Expressing our knowledge of instruments

We had a French day learning all about musical instruments, music genres and musical clubs that happen in school. Click on the link above to watch some of our conversations.  


"Today was really good. We did a lot of French speaking to say which musical instruments we like and it really helped me to have confidence with speaking out loud. Sometimes French sounds a bit funny to how I normally speak, but I'm getting better at it. I might be able to speak French when I go on holiday now." - Mary 

Moving space toys

Moving space toys 1
Moving space toys 2
Moving space toys 3

We had to make moving space toys using cams to move an element. 


" When I knew I had to do some sawing, I was really scared. i didn't think I would be able to do it because it is dangerous. I listened very well and I followed the safety rules. I did all of the measuring, sawing and gluing myself. I think my toy is great and I can be really proud because I know i did my very best." - Dayna

Our feel good song

We decided to sing this song to show that we all feel different but we all have our own special things to celebrate. This song makes us feel proud of ourselves!

Giving new skills a chance

Giving new skills a chance 1 Planting beans
Giving new skills a chance 2 Getting potatoes ready
Giving new skills a chance 3 Making vines for beans to grip to
Giving new skills a chance 4 Nicely spaced out
Giving new skills a chance 5 Our seeds need water
We are showing that we have the confidence to look after something: in this case, seeds. We know what seeds need to grow. 

World Book Day

World Book Day 1

We are confident to dress up as our favourite book character for World Book Day. We had characters from fairy tales and newer stories too; Little Red Riding Hood, Tracy Beaker, Harry Potter, Frodo from The Hobbit, Ash the Pokemon Trainer, Alice in Wonderland and Thing1 from Cat in the Hat. 


"I chose Little Red Riding Hood because it's my favourite fairy tale and the first one I learnt." - Dayna


"I chose Cruella De'ville because it stood out from all the other costumes. I really like her in the story 101 Dalmations because she is evil." - Taichah


"I chose Gangsta Granny because it's a really funny book and I think I am like the character myself because I like the Queen's crown too." - Arissa


Staying safe online

Staying safe online 1 Role-playing dealing with strange friend requests
Staying safe online 2 Role-playing dealing with strange friend requests
Staying safe online 3 Knowing that you can access Child-line
Staying safe online 4 An interview about staying safe online
In PSHE, we role-played scenarios that helped us grasp the impact of our behaviours online or via social media. We know realise that once online, our images stay there forever and we are happy to talk about our own experiences and offer advice to our peers.