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Christmas - God With Us


We started off our Christmas RE unit looking at these two words. 

Most of us had heard the word "presence" before and we knew this meant that when someone/something is with you. 

However, the word "Emmanuel" wasn't as familiar to some of us. 


We found out that this word meant - God is with us. 


Sometimes you may see this word spelt Immanuel but it means the same. 


We discussed this word and how important it is at Christmas time. This word shows that when Jesus was born, the son of God is with us and God is now present in human form. 

As a class we recapped on what the Christmas story was - we looked at how the nativity is shown in lots of different ways (stories, films, in the Bible)


We discussed how the people involved would be feeling. 

Some words we thought of were: 

  • astonished
  • scared
  • confused
  • bewildered
  • nervous
  • privileged



We then got chance to ask questions to the people involved. Here are some of our questions we would like to ask the shepherds, the wise men, Joseph and Mary. 


We then looked at the lovely story all about Papa Panov and his very special day. 


This story taught us 3 very important lessons: 

Lesson 1

God is always with us even if we can't see him physically.


Lesson 2

When we help other people, we are helping Jesus and helping God.


Lesson 3

As we help, God is in us - through our kindness and support of others we are doing God's work. 

To show these lessons we learnt, we did self portraits with pastels and also nice paint hand prints to show us as God and our actions (our hands) as helping God.

After our fun art work, we looked more at the word Emmanuel. We knew how much of an important word this was and we looked at when and where it appears in the Bible.

We also noticed that it was a word that appeared in one of our songs for our Key Stage 2 Christmas production.

We decided to look at other songs and hymns that this word appears in and talk about if we liked it or not and to see if there were any other words we saw that we knew the meaning of. 


Here are some examples you can listen to at home. 

We then had a go at making some of our own hymns - making sure we included the word Emmanuel.