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Autumn Term- FOOTBALL

Today we designed our own dribbling drills. We had the choice to design the exercise however we wanted. Some of them were very hard.
What a fun lesson! Mr Allen put us into four teams and then we played a dribbling game. The attackers had to dribble the ball around the square and the defenders had to tackle us and get the ball out of the square. If we were tackled we then swapped and became the defender. We had the choice to make the square as big or as little as we wanted.
For the last activity we had three people on the edge of the area in which we were working and the other group members had to dribble a ball. We then passed the ball to the people on the edge of the area and changed places with them. We had the choice of who we wanted to pass too and which group we worked in.

Autumn Term- English

We have read the first chapter of Blitz Cat by Robert Westall. It was really interesting. We will now have the choice to decide what happens next in the story. Some of our work is posted below.
In English we have been reading Blitz Cat. We were able to pick which questions we wanted to answer.
Autumn Term - PSHE and COMPUTING
During computing and PSHE, we have looked into how we can stay safe online and what plagiarism is. We looked at some examples of plagiarism and found the signs. We did some team quizzes and created our own SMART poster.
Autumn Term - ART
In art, we looked at the music Vera Lynn created and what impact that had on people during the war. Then we created our own vinyl record covers for one of her songs.
Autumn Term - MUSIC
In music, we have worked in teams to create a sequence of musical notes. We have used crotchets, quavers, rests, minims and semibreves.