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Choosing to set-up a role play area with friends

The girls chose different equipment to make a caravan and then made food at the investigation station using real herbs and mud. They then chose to relax and enjoy stories in their special place.

Making Bubbles

The children chose which size of hoop they thought would make the best bubbles. They also explored the mixture.

Making Music

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Easter Gardens

The children chose to make crosses and Easter gardens together outside. They collected different resources from the school grounds such as stones, flowers, sticks and then created their own designs.

Choosing books to read outside

The children enjoyed choosing and reading books outside.
Reception Class loved playing pirates, making maps and searching for treasure.
The children chose to make boats and explored different ways to make the best boat. Lily tested hers by adding cubes to see if it would float. Thomas added a sail and then another two to make it even better.
We have been choosing different resources to use in our play. Elsie and Hope found resources to make a pond. Ire and Emmanuel chose to make some soup.