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Week 6 - Art

This week we put in to practice all we had learned about Lowry's style. We drew our own Lowry inspired landscape using scale, prospective and proportion. 

Week 5 - Geography

This week we found Fulwood on a map and identified our school and our own house. We annotated our map with a plan of the school and sketches of places we could recognise from the map. 

Week 4 - Art

In our art this week we had lots of choice. We went in search of patterns and textures. We ran round the grounds to find leaves, twigs, animals and trees. We then chose from the resources of crayons, paint, sketching pencils and colouring pencils. We could either sketch, do rubbings, print or photograph the patterns and textures we found and recorded these in our sketchbooks. 

Week 3 - English

This week we explored synonyms in our writing sessions. We chose a word which we thought we could improve and then learnt how to use a thesaurus to choose an alternative word that would add better effect for the reader. 


We also reviewed our understanding of apostrophes for contraction by playing a loop card game. We had to help each other too.