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Printing 1 Researching images in Egyptian art
Printing 2 Drawing various designs for stamp
Printing 3 Researching Egyptian images in art
Printing 4 Various design sketches
Printing 5 Evaluating our art
Printing 6 Evaluating our art
This task provided the entire class with choice, we could chose what we researched, choose what our designs were and choose how we decided to make our stamp (polystyrene or string glued to cardboard).
Picture 1

"We had the choice of how to present our work. I chose to write a letter to Goldilocks explaining what she had done wrong. It's better to have a choice because you can work better, it's easier to get all of your ideas out of your head." 

- Lucia 

Islamic patterns to decorate fabric

Islamic patterns to decorate fabric 1
Islamic patterns to decorate fabric 2
Islamic patterns to decorate fabric 3

“We spent some time researching and learning to draw 5 and 7 circle Islamic patterns. We also looked at more floral patterns from Islamic history. After experimenting with the patterns, we chose which we liked best and created our own design for a bag. We are going to give these bags to our mothers for Mother’s Day.” 

- Nathaniel