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To help the children understand the tools people used in the Stone Age, they researched and then chose a tool to recreate using clay. 

The children have been completing the young leaders award, this week the children walked around the local community to see if there was anything they could help change. Some ideas the children had were... 

'we could do litter picks or ask for more bins to be distributed' 

'we could write to the council to help get the paths repaired' 

'we could ask the council to make sure there is a smoking area by the hospital so it is controlled and people are not breaking the rules'  

The children explored the Artist Banksy and then compared it to cave art back in the Stone Age. They then went on to design their own graffiti tags and also a cave art piece of work as shown in pictures below. 'The cave art was fun because we could choose what we wanted to put on and was different because we did it outside'.

Banksy and Cave Art

Our Board Games designed and made from scratch

PHSE Internet Safety Day.

" I enjoyed making the dramas that linked to the topic because it showed what could actually happen in real life-showing the risks. We learnt that online not everything is real-to watch out for fake apps etc. We may see something online that relates back to the lesson and we will be able to deal with it." RW

" We could express ourselves in different ways -have a choice in how to present our ideas. We could combine ideas with others." LB

"I learnt that you have to be careful because there could be people out there who is not who you thought them to be." 

"Don't compare yourself to others. You are who you are!" ES


Take a look at the display created by Y5 and Y6,