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Drawing and Writing

Milo chose to draw a picture using chalk and he also wrote his name.

Who is taller?

The children chose to measure each other and they wondered who was taller? They also wrote the measurement by looking at the scale.

World Book Day

Children chose a favourite book character to dress as and talked about their favourite stories.

"The Octonauts went on a mission then they sounded the Octo-alert and then an octopus hurt his knee. They have tentacle. His arms can reach and get things" Milo

'Snuggle and Read' with parents

Nursery and Reception children enjoyed reading with parents and school staff, while enjoying a hot chocolate and a biscuit! The children chose which books they wanted to read with an adult.

Choosing Games to Play

   Everyone is encouraged to make their own choices. Some fantastic music being created outside and also great thinking skills developing while building a train track!