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Spring 2 - English 

While we are reading our class novel, Goodnight Mister Tom, we are going to be working on different 3 mark questions looking at using P.E.E - Point, Evidence, Explanation. 
After reading chapter 3 and 4, we had a choice of what 3 marker we would like to have a go at answering. 

Spring 2 - Art

Linking to our Early Islamic Civilisation work, we looked at more ways of creating Islamic patterns. This time we looked at the circles that are used in Islamic art. For this, we used a compass for the first time to create equal and perfect circles for the design. We had a choice of how many circles we wanted to use and what colours we wanted to use.  

Spring 1 - DT

Following on from before Christmas, we finally got round to making our Shaduf's relating to our Ancient Egyptians unit. We had a choice of what materials to use and what design to follow as long as it had a lever, a bucket at one end and a counter weight to be able to lift our water from a low place to a high place. 

Spring 1 - PE

In our Dance unit relating to the Ancient Egyptians unit, we began by looking at different hieroglyphics. As a group we looked at these and then had a choice of how to show these symbols through a dance action or gesture.