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Autumn 2 - Art

Our printing unit in Art allowed us to have a choice of what Ancient Egyptian design we would like to do for our final piece. After we had chosen our design we practised printing these onto normal paper first before creating a calendar which consisted of us printing our design 6 times. We also got to choose what colours we wanted for our final design. 

Autumn 2 - English 

Our next unit of English is Stories from Other Cultures. We looked at 3 different short stories - 2 of these being video clips and 1 of these being a short text called Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves. After we had read through the text, we had a choice of what kind of text retrieval questions to answer. We chose different types of who, what, when, where, why and how questions and wrote these on our tables. 

Autumn 2 - PE

For our Dance unit, it linked to our Ancient Egyptians topic and within our groups we got given different Egyptian symbols. We then had a choice of what movements/dances we did to show this symbol. 

Autumn 1 - PSHE

The beginning of our PSHE involved us thinking of our class rules under the headings that we use in school; Ready, Respect and Safe. We talked as a class to start with, thinking about rules we have had to follow in previous classes in school. 

We then presented what we thought should be rules we follow in Year 5 in our books. We had a choice of how to present this work - some of us chose to do mind maps, some of us chose to do headings and some of us chose to do an acrostic poem.