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Tax workshop with HMRC

We received a presentation from the HMRC
We discussed items which have added VAT
We dissected a pay slip
We analysed a town and how Council tax is used
We received a presentation from the HMRC
We made copious notes from our presentation
We qualified as TAX-Perts! Ha Ha Ha

During the morning we read a story all about a woman and how she has to budget what she spends because some of her wages are taken to give to the Government. This is called INCOME tax. We looked at one of her payslips and discussed all of the earnings and deductions that were shown on it. There were lots of words that we didn't know on it such as; Gross Pay, Income Tax, Deductions and NET pay. 

During the afternoon we had a visit from HMRC, who spoke with us about what tax is used for. Did you know there is no VAT on Jaffa Cakes because, after a long court battle, they are not classified as biscuits anymore, but cakes instead. 

Tabitha Kavoi

We researched how much sugar was in foods
We measured out the correct amount of sugar
"How much sugar do you think is in it?"
We used a new app which calculates sugar
"Let's see how much sugar is in it..."
We were shocked to find out about this!

Angela's mum came in to talk to us all about Public Health. We watched a video which told us what it actually was and how they help people. I now know that public health help everyone across the world and keep water clean; they check that restaurants are clean too; they help people make wise choices about what they choose to eat. I didn't know there was a company that did that - I might like to do that when I'm older because I like clean things. 


We also played a game to guess how much sugar was in certain foods. I thought orange juice was really healthy, but there is quite a lot of natural sugar in it. I've decided that water is probably better for me. 

Because it is hard to know how much sugar is in foods, public health have made an app which you can download and use when you are out shopping. 

Dr Riffat Tanveer

Mr Evans - Engineer

Mr Evans
We captured how we were inspired
These are prototypes of an aircraft hinge
This is made with a 3D printer so it is hollow
These are small brackets
We learnt what an engineer is and does
We learnt how to use software to find stress point
Did you know the same software is used at Pixar?

Mrs Ramla Azam - Doctor

"My mum is a doctor. She is a GP. She has been working for 9 years and really enjoys her job. She likes to see her patients leave happily out of her door. you have to work hard at school to be a doctor and you need to be friendly to others. Seeing my mum so happy at work makes me want to be a doctor too so that I can make others happy and healthy."

                                                                          - Danikah