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For our first games topic we have been looking at throwing and catching ball games.

In our fitness area, we have been looking at Boot Camp fitness and the importance of exercise to lead us on to creating our own gym circuits. 


In the last half our Autumn term, we are lucky enough to have PNE working with us as part of the Premier League Primary Stars. 

They will be coming during our PE time and delivering different lessons based on different skills from netball and basketball games. 

Here we are practising our underarm and overarm throw

We added in shoulder pass and chest pass with the bigger balls. 

We practised with tennis balls
And bigger balls
We made our distance shorter or longer
To make it easier or harder for us!

In our gym circuits/boot camp we made sure we warmed up all our body as we knew we were going to be using lots of different muscles. 

After we had warmed up, we got into pairs and we completed our first bootcamp circuit. 

We had different stations to work on our different muscles. We were very tired after it!