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As part of our animals topic, we chose to research Suzie Marsh (an animal sculptor) or Mick Pearce (an architect).

Suzie Marsh creates decorative sculptures of animals whereas Mick Pearce designed a building inspired by a termite mound.

Me have also chosen a piece of their artwork to critique.

We have chosen an animal that we will crate into a sculpture using clay. Some of us have chosen a picture of a pet, some chose a picture of one of Suzie Marsh's sculptures and others chose a building inspired by an animal.

We have shared our thoughts on our pictures and why we chose these as a starting point. We have now completed a draft plan for our sculpture, evaluated it and adapted our plans accordingly to create our final plan. As part of our evaluation, we tried different textures on play dough with different tools to see how they turned out. We then changed the textures we wanted to use on our plan to those that worked best on a malleable material.

W used our final plans to create our clay sculptures.

This was more difficult than we thought because the clay was not as malleable as the play dough we used to practice on. Some of our final pieces have been adapted from our plans because it was difficult to create in the clay.

"It was good that we could chose what we wanted to do because we could make something that was interesting to us."