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Are all Churches the same or different

This unit of work has been about comparing places of worship. We looked at different churches and how they conducted their services. After that we got to create our own service for our class. (NN)


I really enjoyed doing RE based on churches. We did a little service, which was great fun and we learnt a lot. We made our own church that would welcome everyone. (AK)


We were comparing all sorts of churches from around the world. We looked at modern and traditional churches and then we all worked in small groups with a leader to create an element of a service. (NC)


I really enjoyed doing this unit of work on churches because we compared modern and traditional church services. this helped me to think about what I wanted in my church service. We used our reflection area to carry out our service. (CB)

Some photos of our outdoor service.

We all sat around the reflection area.
We stood at the front and used a loud voice.
We enjoyed delivering our modern service.
We had to use a clear voice.