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April 2019

We enjoyed exploring the woodlands area for signs of Spring. We enjoyed rolling down the hill, picking daisy and dandelions, and lying down together closing our eyes listening to the sounds around us. With reassurance from Mrs Thomas and Sarah the children enjoyed climbing over the equipment outdoors. They are increasing their confidence gross motor skills and navigation.

Mrs Thomas has included some frogspawn in our curiosity cube. We have looked at this observing similarities and differences.

During snack time the children counted their orange segments taking one then two away when eating them. They estimated the amount then checked how many there were by counting each one, using one to one correspondence. This has been replicated with real fruit and vegetables in the home corner.

We had an Egg-cellent competition before the Easter Holidays. The children designed and decorated eggs at home with family and friends. We shared our eggs with the class. The children were confident to speak to others about their Easter eggs. They described themselves in positive terms, talking about how it was made, answering questions about their egg from the children.

We enjoyed practicing balancing, show good control and co-ordination in large and small movements. We had egg and spoon races! We enjoyed cheering one another and sharing a new experience.

Mr Tranter brought in some sunflower seeds from a sunflower plant. We looked at the seeds and how many were in the head of the plant. We looked at and examined the stalk of the sunflower and explained it looked like a stick. We asked questions about the sunflower and seeds inside. Mr Tranter went into details about the life cycle of a sunflower. The children potted the soil and planted the seeds, they made comments about spring time and keeping the flowers watered. They talked about what a plant needs to live and what sunflowers grow to look like.