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Annversaire a la ferme

Today we have been developing our skills in speaking and listening in French. We had to be confident and believe that we could speak in French. Our teacher also had to have a go at speaking in French.


Today we have been reading a french story book. We then all had a word or phrase from the story, which we needed to order. This was tricky because we had to remember what the English translation was so that we could build the story. (BH)


After we had organised the story we then had to read our part, so that we were telling the story. We had great fun. Hope you like the story. (NN)


We have also included photographs of us getting into order, recalling to text.


Photographs of our story.

We had to organise ourselves.
We had to pronounce the words carefully.
We read out loud using our French accents.

Our story of the Anniversaire a la ferme.

Still image for this video