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A Visit from Mrs Stanier

On Monday 8th January 2018, we were very lucky to have a visit from Mrs Stanier. Mrs Stanier cam in to talk to us all about how life was like for her as a young girl and when she was growing up. 

Mrs Stanier grew up in the Soviet Union and it was forbidden to be a Christian and to celebrate Christmas.


She told us that, some people, if they were caught with a Bible or if they were caught to be a Christian they were even sent to prison! 


Mrs Stanier spoke about how they had to secretly celebrate Christmas and they had to hide their presents in case they go caught!


She was very kind and brought in some of her Bible's. There was one in Russian that we enjoyed looking at, a huge one that was over 100 years old and very delicate and 2 that were so small they could fit in your pocket! Mrs Stanier told us that these Bible's were great because they could easily be hidden if anybody was looking!


Here are some pictures of her fantastic visit.