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Worship and reflection

Reflection area

The reflection area is a quiet part of the class used to make prayers or reflect upon some of the ultimate questions we have devised. Some of these include: 'What is the meaning of life? Who or what made God?'

Also you can show the prayer by making it out of lego (see the photos below). You will also find religious books such as the bible that we can read. We have class worship in the reflection area.

Suits You

The suitcase was loaded with different emotions that we would take on a life journey. These included: friendship, courage, respect and knowledge. We then found bible quotes that linked to them. For friendship we found: 'A friend will be a friend in all kinds.'

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 Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.

we had a class assembly and discussed what we loved about our life. Then we were given a heart template and we wrote down different things we loved. We remembered that God was responsible for creating our lives and that he loves us all. 

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As a class, we spoke about the different elements of our life that we loved and how God was responsible for these things. We wrote what we love on the fingers and in the middle we wrote 'dear God' to show we are grateful for these things. I linked this to the bible quote: 'You are my God and I will give thanks to you. You are my God; I will extol you.' This shows how we love God and praise him.


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God's recipe book for life -the Bible

we looked at real recipes for food and some of them had 400g of flour. We linked this to our recipe for life and some of us had 400g of love and 3kg of belief. This was linking a food recipe and our life recipe.

God helps us put the ingredients together to make us better people.

'For we are God's mastrepiece'

Ephesians 2:10