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Self-confidence and Belief

French Student Exchange

A group of French exchange students visited St Peters on Thursday 21st March. Pupil from year 5 and 6 enjoyed a carousel of activities including handball, table tennis, gymnastics and football. The pupils benefited from learning new French words from the exchange students.

One pupil said, " T have the ability to count to 100 in French."

A second pupil stated, " I now gained in confidence knowing what the accent sounds like."

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"I feel confident when I am evaluating my work and others'. You need to state your opinion honestly but not in a criticizing way; in a helpful tone. I don't feel shy when receiving my feedback/evaluation because whatever it is it will help me in the future." BM

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Board Games - Design Technology

Board Games - Design Technology 1
Board Games - Design Technology 2
The motivation and enthusiasm from every child was great during this task. The confidence in themselves that 'i can do it'and drive to succeed was portrayed through their creations.