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Picture 1 Some of us couldn't make a circuit.
Picture 2 Some of use didn't make a complete circuit.
Picture 3 Some of us found sneaky ways to use only 1 wire.
Picture 4 Some of us worked in teams.
Picture 5 Some of us worked alone to light up our bulb.
Picture 6 A complete circuit.
Picture 7 A complete circuit.
Picture 8 A complete circuit.
Picture 9 Wow - see our bulbs light up!

This half term we are exploring electricity.

We are able to name electrical items in the home and explain whether they are mains or battery powered. Above you can see some photographs of our experimenting with various elements to make our bulbs light up. We needed much resilience to be able to do this task as it was not easy.


In Spring 1 we explored the topic 'Materials'.

We carried out an investigation to find the best material to make an umbrella from to protect our gingerbread men. We found out that the plastic sandwich bags were the best.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

In the Autumn we learnt about forces. Here are some of our ideas about what we learnt:


"You can push things to make them go forward."

"The air can move things too. Like my kite."

"You use forces when you pedal a bike. You have to push the pedals and you have to steer the handlebars."

"Push, pull, air resistance, water resistance, twist, gravity are some forces."

"Lifting a pan uses forces."

"Pulling open the fridge uses forces and twisting the lid of a sauce jar uses forces."


We investigated the best flooring for a racing car. We carried it out as a class and found that the wooden floor was best and the carpet was the worst type of flooring. 



Germs 1
We wanted to find out about germs so we used slices of bread to explore how many germs were on our hands.