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Rules for Living

For our first RE topic, it linked nicely with our PSHE topic for when we were looking at rules and living with different rules. 


We discussed different rules in PSHE and we also discussed rules in RE too to recap.

We were able to see how we live by different rules in different areas and why rules are important to follow. 


We then watched a short clip about how and why The 10 Commandments were created by God. 

We discussed each different commandment and looked at how that commandment is still used today. 


We looked in Bible's to answer questions all about The 10 commandments to find out more about them. 

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Then we were lucky enough to have a visit from Rev Rie. 


She talked all about The 10 commandments with us - telling us all about how Jesus lived by them and told others how to live by them.

We chatted about how important these commandments were and that is why they were put on to stone! To show they were even more important than ordinary rules, they were also placed in a temple!


When we had learnt lots of new things, we were then able to write on a big piece of paper answering these questions:

  • Do we like this commandment?
  • Is this commandment easy to live by?
  • How do we show this commandment today?
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